Dustin Roddy and Lance Tomberlin take multiple mains at Foothills.

RACE RESULTS For February 9, 2019


Brisk winds didn’t stop the crowd from coming out to Foothills this past Saturday as the track continued with its Winter Points Series. Feature classes in Predator and Clone 350 did not disappoint with exciting racing through the field. Dustin Roddy and Lance Tomberlin would capture multiple main events with Roddy taking Predator 350 and 325 while Tomberlin would take Clone 350 and 325. Mike Hughes would prevent the sweep for Clone by winning Clone 375 and Bradley Gillespie would take Preadtor 375. Brayson Riddle would also take home two Junior mains by winning Junior 1 and 2. Foothills will return to racing next Saturday, February 16 with more Winter Points Racing at the Superbowl of the Upstate. Gates open at 10 am and karts will be heading for practice around 11:30 am.

2/9/19 Class Winners from Foothills Raceway

  • Predator 350-Dustin Roddy
  • Clone 325-Lance Tomberlin
  • Jr 1-Brayson Riddle
  • Predator 325-Dustin Roddy
  • Clone 425-Kenneth Byrd
  • Predator 425-Richard Morton
  • Clone 375-Mike Hughes
  • Champ-Shaun Gibbs
  • Jr 3-Cody Robinette
  • Predator 375-Bradley Gillespie
  • Jr Champ-Sammy Mathis
  • Out of the Box-Adam Galloway
  • Clone 350-Lance Tomberlin
  • Jr 2-Brayson Riddle
  • Flathead-Cameron Smith

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