Race Report: Smith and Suddeth shine on cloudy day

Threat of weather not enough to dim drivers at Foothills.

February 16, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

Clouds pushed along by heavy gusts hung over the track most of the day but none made any threat toward postponing the next installment of Winter Points Series Racing at Foothills. 91 entries filled the pits and spread across 20 heat races and 17 mains. Money was on the line in feature classes Clone 350 and Predator 350 and the first heat of Clone 350 played host to a three kart showdown between the 83 of Wes Suddeth, the 35 of Cameron Smith, and the 14 of Mike Hughes. Suddeth would claim the heat win as the 44 of Travis Kunkle would take the second. That would not be the last of Smith and Suddeth for heats as the two drivers split heat wins in Clone 375 later on. Junior classes would be dominated by Riley Robinette but there would be another challenger for junior mains.

As main events kicked off, Cameron Smith set the early tone by winning Flathead 350. By the end of the day he would also lay claim to Clone 375. Wes Suddeth would gain the upper hand in Clone 350 and also win Clone 325. Predator classes would be taken by the team effort of Noah Keith, Bo Leatherwood, and Dustin Roddy. Roddy would lay claim to Predator 350 and 325 for the second week in a row. Back to junior classes as Junior 3 went to Riley Robinette but Brayson Riddle would take Junior 2 and 1. Kenneth Byrd would keep the winning streak for the 181 alive by winning the finale of the afternoon in Clone 425 as the sun broke out for a rare appearance. The rising Out of the Box Predator class would be won by Preston Kelley in his #2 kart as he would sweep the day in that particular class. This class will be one to follow as it continues to add numbers to its ranks. For a complete list of winners please check below in the story. Foothills will get back to racing on February 23, 2019 as the track winds its way toward the Winter Points finale. The same Saturday times apply with gates opening at 10 am with practice to follow at noon. As always stay tuned to Foothills Raceway Facebook concerning any changes made to the Winter Schedule program.

February 16, 2019 Main Event Winners

Flathead 350-Cameron Smith

Predator 425-Noah Keith

Clone 375-Cameron Smith

Jr Predator-Miyalla Torres

Jr 3-Riley Robinette

Predator 375-Bo Leatherwood

Pee Wee-Luke Knight

Champ-Shaun Gibbs

Clone 350-Wes Suddeth

Jr 2-Brayson Riddle

Predator 350-Dustin Roddy

Out of the Box-Preston Kelley

Jr Champ-Sammy Mathis

Clone 325-Wes Suddeth

Jr 1-Brayson Riddle

Predator 325-Dustin Roddy

Clone 425-Kenneth Byrd

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