Race Report: Foothills returns for Spring Series

April 14, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

There are few certain things in life but one of those is that South Carolina weather is a high risk gamble with variable uncertainty. Despite constant reports of severe thunderstorms all weekend, Friday only produced morning showers that yielded to the sun peeking out later in the afternoon. After three weeks off to turn around from Winter to Summer, Foothills fired back up for Summer Points Racing. Another strong kart count produced 86 entries spread across 17 classes for the night. The weather would not be the only obstacle to try and overcome as the track lights went on the fritz due to some breakers going bad at just the wrong time. All heats were completed and a complete reset of the lights took place to give one more shot at completing mains. It looked as if the hail mary would hold but just after the 12th main rolled the backstretch lights went out and the decision was made that would be it for the night.


Clone 450-Joey Toney would start last for the heat but make quick work of the field to win.

Clone 325-Cameron Aroneck would have a great start to the 2019 Summer Season driving his way from 3rd to to 1st in a hard fought heat involving Toy Morris and Megan Kunkle.

Predator 325-The lone kart entered and on track would be Dustin Roddy in his #4.

Junior 1-Hunter Mathis edged out Kayden Presnell for the win.

Clone 410-Duran Swofford got the win in his #14.

Flathead 350-Cameron Smith would have a strong performance in heats as this was not the only time he would see the checkers for a heat. He would start 4th in this heat.

Clone 350-Cameron Smith from his 2nd place starting spot.

Out of the Box-Brandon Greene from his 4th place starting spot.

Predator 350-Chase Rathbone from the heat race pole.

Junior 2-Ethan Black from his 3rd place starting spot.

Clone 375-Travis Kunkle would have a good return to Foothills by starting with a heat win from the pole.

Junior Predator-Miyalla Torres continues to be dominant.

Predator 375-Bradley Gillespie barreled through the field coming from 8th to 1st in the 6 lap heat.

Junior 3-Landon Breedlove from his 3rd place starting spot.

Champ-Timmy Swaney from the heat race pole.

Clone 425-Joey Toney would grab his 2nd heat race win coming from 5th.

Predator 425-Johnathan Bowen  would round out heats with the win.


*Due to a bizarre light issue, the last 5 mains were not able to be run. The heat race winners are scored as the main winners.

Pred 425-69 Mic Torres

Clone 425- 0 Joey Toney

Champ- 52 Timmy Swaney

Pred 375- 4B Ricky Bridgeman

Junior 3- 27 Landon Breedlove

Clone 375- 44 Travis Kunkle

Junior 2- 17 Ethan Black

Predator 350- 27 Bradley Gillespie

Junior Predator- 8 Landen Young

Clone 350- 45 Johnny Padgett

Out of Box- 7 Brandon Greene

Flathead 350- 35 Cameron Smith

*Clone 410- 14 Duran Swofford

*Junior 1- 22 Hunter Mathis

*Predator 325- 4 Dustin Roddy

*Clone 325- 37 Cameron Aroneck

Clone 450- 0 Joey Toney

Foothills continues its Summer Points Racing next Friday night, April 19. Further details will be provided as they become available. Be sure to check out the Foothills Facebook Page for more information about events.

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