Race Report: Big 3 roars at Warrior Creek

April 27, 2019-Gray Court, SC-By Gray Sutherland

Jason Scruggs, Joseph Mintz, Jimmy Lindley earn multiple wins in Race #2 for the Series.

Not a cloud could be found in the sky this past Saturday as fans, drivers, and drive packed into Warrior Creek just outside Gray Court, SC for Race #2 of the Big 3 Series. The series last was out at Patriot and now had to deal with the unique challenges of Warrior Creek. It was a beautifully crafted day as 254 entries filed through first for an all kart track roll in and then split off to their respective pit areas for 2 rounds of practice, then 1 of qualifying, and lastly 23 main events on the card. Some quick highlights before we break it down by class with winners: Jason Scruggs, Joseph Mintz, and Jimmy Lindley would win 2 main events each as Mintz also grabbed back to back Stock Medium wins in the Big 3. So far Predator 425 belongs to Brandon Henson as he has both of those wins at Patriot and Warrior Creek. Tyler Bowie and Michael Bumgarner found their way back to victory lane by winning Junior 3 for Bumgarner and Junior 2 for Bowie. It was also a good day for some Foothills folks as Ellie McAbee set fastest time in Junior Sportsman Champ and followed it up with a 2nd place finish behind Bryce Moore. Lance Tomberlin and Bradley Gillespie went 1-2 respectively in Pro Predator with Chase and Blake Rathbone going 5th and 6th. Next race up for the Big 3 Challenge Series is back at Patriot in Blacksburg, SC on May 11, 2019.

Qualifying Results-Top Time

Sumo 450-54 David Alewine 13.241

Amateur-44 Ray Lane-12.530

Predator 425-00 BJ Gillespie 13.578

Stock Medium-45 Joseph Mintz 12.395

Junior 1-33 Cameron Lambert 13.162

Pee Wee A-14 Blayne Nix 13.997

Super Heavy 410-112 Brad Scruggs 12.558

Junior 3-95 Jackson Silvers 12.725

Senior Stock-17 Matt Taylor 12.566

Predator 375-1 Lance Tomberlin 13.353

Senior Champ-45 Joseph Mintz 12.774

Stock Heavy-52 Jason Scruggs 12.325

Pro Amateur-44 Ray Lane 12.373

Pro Junior 1-33 Cameron Lambert 12.956

Super Heavy 425-112 Brad Scruggs 12.531

Junior Sportsman Champ-12 Ellie McAbee 13.178

Pro Junior 3-71 Tyler Bowie 12.745

Pro Stock-45 Joseph Mintz 12.292

Pro Predator-111 Tommy Jernigan 13.296

Pro Junior 2-71 Tyler Bowie 12.555

Pro Champ-45 Joseph Mintz 12.660

Pro 425-10 Brandon Henson 12.486

Main Events

Sumo 450

Winner: 0 Joey Toney


Winner: 87 Dustyn Bailey

Predator 425

Winner: 10X Brandon Henson

Stock Medium

Winner: 45 Joseph Mintz

Junior 1

Winner: 33 Cameron Lambert

Pee Wee A

Winner: 14 Blayne Nix

Super Heavy 410

Winner: 4 Jimmy Lindley

Junior 3

Winner: 97 Michael Bumgarner

Senior Stock

Winner: 4 Jimmy Lindley

Predator 375

Winner: 33 Coby Lambert

Senior Champ

Winner: 4 Jason Moates

Junior 2

Winner: 71 Tyler Bowie

Stock Heavy

Winner: 52 Jason Scruggs

Pro Amateur

Winner: 44 Ray Lane

Pro Junior 1

Winner: 57 Luke Cooper

Super Heavy 425

Winner: 112 Brad Scruggs

Junior Sportsman Champ

Winner: 72 Brice Moore

Pro Junior 3

Winner: 95 Jackson Silvers

Pro Stock

Winner: 52 Jason Scruggs

Pro Predator

Winner: 1 Lance Tomberlin

Pro Junior 2

Winner: 16 Landon Sartain

Pro Champ

45 Joseph Mintz

Pro 425

Winner: 0 Shaun Pittman

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