Race Report: Friday Night Lights at Foothills

Resilience pays off as Jason Scruggs, Randy Moon, and Lance Tomberlin have huge night

May 5, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

The track work was complete, the rain stayed away as Foothills returned for more Summer Points Racing and the drivers delivered. A total count of 125 entries packed the pits and spectator parking lined out to the gate as the track ran 19 main events and 4 Dash races as a make up for those drivers that could not run back at the opener on April 6 because of the breaker box imploding. One of those Dash Races was won by Ernie Bob who about an hour before was working on the caution light tree as the green light wiring had started to cut out. Several drivers would collect multiple wins on the night as Randy Moon collected 2 wins, “The Silent Assassin” Jason Scruggs picked up 2 as well, Lance Tomberlin went for 2, and Ethan Black went for an interesting combination with Junior Sportsman Champ and then Junior 1. It was a long night yes but on track action was worth it and crews appeared to be in good spirits as the work went on. According to the speed charts, Jess Burrell was running times around the 11.50 second mark for the Junior driver. One scary moment happened as during the Champ main, Tim Swaney had an apparent clutch explosion which ripped off the chain guard and caught him in the shoulder. Tim was taken to the hospital alert and awake. A further update was provided Sunday and Tim is resting comfortably at home with his family and is looking to return to racing as soon as his recovery process is complete. Foothills will be off this coming week as the Big 3 Series is at Patriot in Blacksburg on Saturday, May 11. The next race night at Foothills is scheduled for May 17, 2019. Stay tuned to the Foothills Speedway Facebook page for official announcements concerning track programs. 

*Photo Credit to Haskins Tire Treatments


Dash Races

Clone 325-37 Cameron Aroneck

Clone 410-14 Duran Swafford

Junior 1 48 Kayden Presenell

Clone 450-29 Ernie Bob 


Pee Wee B-5 Jackson Muchow

Predator 425-BJ Gillespie

Clone 425-Randy Moon

Champ 425-4 Avery Burgess

Junior 3-27 Landon Breedlove

Predator 375-Chase Rathbone

Junior Predator-Miyalla Torres

Clone 375-Jason Scruggs

Junior Sportsman-99 Ethan Black

Junior 2-96 Brayson Riddle

Predator 350-1 Lance Tomberlin

Clone 350-52 Jason Scruggs

Out of the Box-33T Bubba Thomas

Flathead 350-35 Cameron Smith

Clone 410-64 Randy Moon

Junior 1- 17 Ethan Black

Predator 325-1 Lance Tomberlin

Clone 325-25 Caden Kelley

Sumo 450-805 Chris Miller


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  1. Was a packed house a loads of fun thanks to Brad and the staff for maken it fast and safe thank you guys

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