Race Report: Patriot weathers the storm

Showers and Storms not enough to spoil Points Opener

May 5, 2019-Blacksburg, SC-By Gray Sutherland

On a Saturday which saw many racetracks fall by the wayside as rain yet again swept through the upstate of South Carolina. One track on the edge of the storms and downpours held out hoping to catch a long enough break. Drivers waited patently in the pits as 118 entries were on the card to run. Patriot Speedway was given an opportunity around 7:00 pm as the rain ceased and the sun actually came out for about 30 minutes. A short practice was given to the drivers and most classes ended up in a qualifying format to reach the mains in a timely manner. In the end, all main events were completed except for Sumo which was the last on the running order as another bulk of heavy rain showers crept their way up Interstate 85. It certainly provided excitement for the 3 drivers Adult Predator as they decided to run their main event as the rain began to steadily fall. It was a big night for Cameron Pack as he collected 2 Junior wins. Tom Spanel and Brandon Harris put up multiple wins in the adult classes. The full list of winners can be found below. Patriot Speedway will be in action this coming week as the Big 3 Challenge Series returns to the track for Race #3 of that series’s schedule. It will be an all day affair with gates opening Saturday morning in Blacksburg. Back in March, the Big 3 pulled over 300 entries to Patriot for their series opener which you can check out here.

Patriot Points Race #1 Playlist

Patriot Points Race #1 Winners

Pee Wee-5 Jackson Muchow

Pro Junior-17 Cameron Pack

Clone 330-45 Joseph Mintz

Junior 1-5 Bryce Muchow

Adult Predator B/P-1 Lance Tomberlin

Junior 2-55 Dillion Sharp

SPG 350-10 Bryson Upchurch

Clone 350-66 Tom Spanel

Junior 3-17 Cameron Pack

Charger 375-151 Justin Deal

Junior Predator-76 Tanner Kanipe

SPG 375-2 Brandon Harris

Clone 375-66 Tom Spanel

Adult Predator 375-2 Brandon Harris

Junior Champ-1 Landyn Bailey

Clone 410-49 Josh Hodge

SPG 425-21 Dustin Cash

Senior Champ-7 Austin Williams

Clone 425-49 Josh Hodge

Adult Predator 425-1 Josh Haskins

*Sumo-00 Jake Mullis

*Did not run because of weather, finishing order will fall back to qualifying which would be the 00 of Jake Mullis with a 16.611.

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