Race Report: Friday Night at Foothills Raceway

Packed House as Haskins, Smith, and Gillespie all double down on wins

May 19, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

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It was another full house night at the Superbowl of the Upstate with 122 entries spread across 19 main events and 80 individual drivers signed in. Competitors came from near and far including one driver coming from Newport, Tennessee. The track proved to be a daunting task to handle at first in practice but after a mandated all kart roll in, a groove formed and spread out from there. It proved to be a wonderful full moon night and cooler temperatures prevailed after the sun set with plenty of action and minimal cautions. Several drivers would go for multiple wins with Josh Haskins making a Foothills appearance and paying off with a win in Clone 425 and Clone 450. Cameron Smith would jump behind the wheel of the 35 again and show great hustle by taking Clone 375 and then rolling out the Flathead for a win in it as well. Bradley Gillespie would also double down in Predator with 375 and 350 wins. Predator 350 was the largest field of the night with 15 karts on the card. Junior classes saw Brody Kellum grab his first win of the summer series and Kayden Presnell would take a victory as well. Clone 375 though would have a wild ride for the 4M of Blake Madden as he clipped the rear end of the kart in front of him. He spun around and rolled the kart coming to the checkered but was ok after a few minutes. An announcement has not been made yet as of today concerning a possible Memorial Day Race. Stay tuned to the official Facebook page for any track news. 


Pee Wee-Jackson Muchow

Junior Predator-Miyalla Torres

Predator 425-Jess Shipman

Clone 325 H1-Dominique Rapien

                   H2-Jackson Silvers

Clone 450-Joey Toney

Predator 325-Charles Sims

Junior 1-Kayden Presnell

Clone 350 H1-Jackson Silvers

                   H2-Chase Rathbone

Champ-Patrick Owen

Predator 350 H1-Bradley Gillespie

                         H2-Billy Dodgens

Out of Box-Bubba Thomas

Junior 2-Kayden Presnell

Flathead-Dominique Rapien

Clone 375 H1-Shaun Pittman

                   H2-Cam Smith

Junior Sportsman Champ-Ethan Black

Clone 410-Richard Morton

Junior 3-Jess Burrell

Predator 375 H1-Noah Keith

                         H2-Bradley Gillespie

Clone 425 H1-Richard Morton

                   H2-Shaun Pittman


Pee Wee-Jackson Muchow

Junior Predator-Landon Young

Clone 425-Josh Haskins

Predator 375-Bradley Gillespie

Junior 3-Brody Kellum

Clone 410-Stephen Derita

Clone 375-Cam Smith

Junior Sportsman Champ-Ethan Black

Flathead-Cam Smith

Junior 2-Kayden Presnell

Out of Box-Bubba Thomas

Predator 350-Bradley Gillespie

Champ-Patrick Owen

Clone-Chase Rathbone

Junior 1-Cameron Lambert

Predator 325-Jess “Showboat” Shipman

Clone 450-Josh Haskins

Clone 325-Jackson Silvers

Predator 425-Mick Torres

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