The Lone Ranger Rides Again-Silvers takes 3

Jackson Silvers takes 3 in Clone as Gillespie doubles up again

May 31, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

Partly cloudy skies for the last day of May greeted drivers as they rolled through the main gate at Foothills as the track continued with the 2019 Summer Points Series. Seventy five entries signed in on the card to make up 16 main events as the prize pot was sweetened with some Yeti drink glasses were offered up for select classes courtesy of the Carolina Law Group. As the night began, the Silvers racing group started the night fast and it would stay that way. Jackson Silvers kicked it off by winning the Heat races for Clone 325 and Clone 375. When mains rolled around, Jackson would three peat by taking Clone 325, 350, and 375 with Walker Silvers finishing 2nd in 325 and 350. Wes Suddeth would get 2nd for Clone 375 to solidify the dominant night through those classes. Bradley Gillespie continues to have a dominant Summer Series by doubling down with wins in Predator 350 and 375 as Dustin Roddy returned to Victory Lane by taking Preadtor 325 over Gillespie. Richard Wheeler out of Georgia had the flathead tuned up and ready by taking the heat and main. Junior classes provided plenty of excitement as Dylan Dove joined the Foothills Regulars and got the edge in Junior 1 over Kayden Presnell. Presnell would respond in Junior 2 by edging Dove. Riley Robinette claimed the Yeti offered to the Junior 3 group with a win there. Foothills will be racing next Friday night in continuation of the Summer Points Series.

Results-May 31, 2019

Junior Predator

  1. Eli Bolding
  2. Landen Young
  3. Cory Fassett

Clone 425

  1. Eron Bryant
  2. Richard Morton
  3. Chris Miller
  4. Duran Swafford
  5. Josh Pilgrim

Predator 325

  1. Dustin Roddy
  2. Bradley Gillespie
  3. Alexis Brown
  4. Trevor Hickey
  5. Curtis Dodges

Clone 325

  1. Jackson Silvers
  2. Walker Silvers
  3. Cameron Aroneck
  4. Cameron Smith
  5. Halle Ramney
  6. McKinney Pilgrim
  7. Toy Morris

Junior 1

  1. Dylan Dove
  2. Kayden Presnell
  3. Chandler Gallman
  4. Whitt Hickey


  1. Avery Burgess
  2. Jimmy Brown
  3. Todd Trotter
  4. Tyler Ramey

Predator 350

  1. Bradley Gillespie
  2. Dustin Roddy
  3. Blake Rathbone
  4. Ricky Bridgeman
  5. Bo Leatherwood
  6. John Higman
  7. Billy Dodgens
  8. Lee Tinsley

Flathead 350

  1. Richard Wheeler
  2. Ansley Mason for Magan Kunkle
  3. Jason Smith
  4. Cameron Smith

Out of Box

  1. Allen Bishop
  2. Nathan Bishop

Clone 350

  1. Jackson Silvers
  2. Walker Silvers
  3. Cameron Smith
  4. Johnny Padgett
  5. Jason Pilgrim
  6. Donnie Moore

Junior 2

  1. Kayden Presnell
  2. Dylan Dove
  3. Chandler Gallman
  4. Jordan White

Predator 375

  1. Bradley Gillespie
  2. Ricky Bridgeman
  3. Bo Leatherwood
  4. Blake Rathbone
  5. Noah Keith
  6. Richard Dodgens

Clone 450

  1. Chris Miller
  2. Duran Swafford
  3. Eron Bryant
  4. Jimmy Brown

Junior 3

  1. Riley Robinette
  2. Landon Breedlove
  3. Jess Burrell

Clone 375

  1. Jackson Silvers
  2. Wes Suddeth
  3. Cameron Smith
  4. Richard Morton
  5. Joey Greene
  6. Jason Pilgrim
  7. Aaron Moore

Predator 425

  1. Billy Davis



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