Race Report: Warren Faucett Memorial

Doubles for Dove, Jernigan, Moon, and Chase Rathbone on Foothills Friday

June 14, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

Only a sliver was missing from a almost completely full moon for the Warren Faucett Memorial on Friday night at the Superbowl of the Upstate. Racers made the trek to honor and remember Warren Faucett who passed away in a motorcycle accident after being struck by a drunk driver. His grandson, Hunter Mathis, was in attendance with other members of the family as he would be racing in Junior 1. To help ease costs for the family, a raffle was set up with predator motors, safety neck braces, and even a door panel from the 05 car of Andy Mattison. At the end of the raffle, one counted total was $960 going to the family for financial assistance. A big thank you should go out as well to the Robinettes for launching the fundraiser. It was a great showing of support with 106 entries signed in for 18 main events. 

Racing began shortly after 8 p.m. and dominant karts for the heat races would include the 111 of Tommy Jernigan, the 21 of Dylan Dove, and the 64 of Randy Moon. Moon would come from 5th in Clone 410 to win the heat and would hold the top spot throughout in Clone 425. Cameron Aroneck came from 4th in Clone 325 for that heat and from the tail came Justin McDonald in Heat 2. McDonald would also have to come from 5th in Clone 350 to take that heat. There were a couple of scary moments in the heats as there was a nasty spill in Junior Predator but the driver would be OK. In a Junior class, Kayden Presnell looked to have a part failure as he took a wild ride out of the track. Kayden would check out OK but the free falling kart struck John Higman Jr. who was in the grid helping stage for Predator 350. Higman would be checked out by EMS and transported to the hospital as a precaution because at the time the extent of injury was unknown. He was alert and aware during the trip and as of Sunday, just about ready to leave the hospital. After a brief delay to check out people and karts, the program resumed. 

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Heat Winners

Clone 410-64 Randy Moon

Predator 325- 111 Tommy Jernigan

Clone 325 Heat 1- 37 Cameron Aroneck

                  Heat 2- 24 Justin McDonald

Junior Predator- 22 Miyalla Torres

Junior 1- 21 Dylan Dove

Predator 350- 4 Bo Leatherwood

Clone 425- 64 Randy Moon

Champ- 4 Avery Burgess

Flathead Medium- 50 Magan Kunkle

Clone 350- 24 Justin McDonald

Junior 2- 96 Brayson Riddle

Predator 375- 111 Tommy Jernigan

Out of Box- 12 Nathan Garrard

Clone 375 Heat 1- 24 Chase Rathbone

                  Heat 2- 17 Jason Pilgrim

Junior Sportsman Champ- 99 Ethan Black

Junior 3- 27 Landon Breedlove

Predator 425- 9 Billy Davis

Clone 450- 54 David Alewine


Compared to the heat races, main events were the tamer of the two. Still as the night progressed, Tommy Jernigan put himself in contention for a sweep of Predator 325, 350, 375. Jernigan would be denied in the Lite portion for those classes. Jason Scruggs got around Justin McDonald late in Clone Lite for the win and Dustin Roddy continues to be a powerful force for Predator Lite as he beat out Jernigan. It was a positive night for Mattison as the 05 drove from 5th to 1st for a Flathead win over Magan and Tavis Kunkle, Cameron Smith, and recent winner Richard Wheeler. Randy Moon closed out the night under the bright nighttime moon with a Clone 410 win. The tech area was also a busy place. Foothills will be racing this coming Friday, June 21. It will be a non points event and Winter Points Ceremonies will be held as well. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for further details concerning official track announcements.

Clone 450

  1. Duran Swafford
  2. David Alewine
  3. Jeffrey Durham
  4. Eron Bryant

Predator 425

  1. Mick Torres
  2. Billy Davis

Junior 1

  1. Dylan Dove
  2. Brayson Riddle
  3. Cruz Mattison
  4. Ethan Black
  5. Whitt Hickey
  6. London Robinson
  7. Kayden Presnell

Junior Sportsman Champ

  1. Hunter Black
  2. Ethan Black

Clone 375

  1. Chase Rathbone
  2. Jason Scruggs
  3. Cameron Smith
  4. Jay Merck
  5. Wes Suddeth
  6. Zach Murphy
  7. Jason Pilgrim
  8. Joey Greene
  9. Joey Pressley
  10. Justin McDonald

Out of Box

  1. 24 Nathan Bishop
  2. 23 Alan Bishop
  3. 12 Nathan Garrard

Predator 375

  1. 111 Tommy Jernigan
  2. 4B Ricky Bridgeman
  3. 62 Blake Rathbone
  4. 42 Noah Keith
  5. 82 Billy Dodgens
  6. 4 Bo Leatherwood

Junior 2

  1. Dylan Dove
  2. Brody Kellum
  3. Simon Seay
  4. Brayson Riddle
  5. Kayden Presnell

Clone 350

  1. Chase Rathbone
  2. Jason Scruggs
  3. Jay Merck
  4. Cameron Smith
  5. Johnny Padgett
  6. Cameron Aroneck
  7. Josh Pilgrim
  8. Wes Suddeth
  9. Justin McDonald

Flathead Medium

  1. Andy Mattison
  2. Magan Kunkle
  3. Cameron Smith
  4. David Phillips
  5. Richard Wheeler
  6. Travis Kunkle


  1. Avery Burgess
  2. Dakota Kelly

Clone 425

  1. Randy Moon
  2. Eron Bryant
  3. Stephen Derita
  4. Richard Morton
  5. Josh Pilgrim
  6. David Alewine
  7. Josh Haskins
  8. Duran Swafford

Predator 350

  1. 111 Tommy Jernigan
  2. Chase Rathbone
  3. Blake Rathbone
  4. Dustin Roddy
  5. Ricky Bridgeman
  6. Billy Dodgens
  7. Bo Leatherwood
  8. Lee Tinsley

Junior 3

  1. Brody Kellum
  2. Landon Breedlove
  3. Cody Robinette
  4. Riley Robinette
  5. Corey Fassett
  6. Simon Seay
  7. Halston Stroud

Junior Predator

  1. Eli Bolding
  2. Landen Young
  3. Miyalla Torres
  4. Jordan White
  5. AJ Taylor

Clone 325

  1. Jason Scruggs
  2. Justin McDonald
  3. Jay Merck
  4. Cameron Aroneck
  5. Johnny Padgett
  6. McKinney Pilgrim
  7. Wes Suddeth
  8. Cameron Smith
  9. Toy Morris
  10. Troy Gossett

Predator 325

  1. Dustin Roddy
  2. Tommy Jernigan
  3. Jim Cox
  4. Curtis Dodgens
  5. Trevor Hickey

Clone 410

  1. Randy Moon
  2. Duran Swafford
  3. Stephen Derita
  4. Richard Morton
  5. Josh Pilgrim
  6. Josh Haskins


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