Race Report: Winter Champions honored at Foothills

Bradley Gillespie and Kayden Presnell double up as Winter Series Champs take home hardware

June 21, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

Friday night returned with the best clear skies drawn up as Foothills finally got to recognize its champions from the Winter 2018-2019 Series. It was a non points event so pride and money was on the line for 64 entries across 18 main events. One particular highlight of the night was the match race for Junior 2 between Kayden Presnell and Brayson Riddle. Presnell followed in Riddle’s tire tracks for 11 lap and timed his move going into Turn 3. The finish was dead even at the line and the winner had to be decided by video review. Presnell also drove from the Junior 3 pole to the win. Riddle would find redemption later on by winning Junior 1 in the 4 kart main. Bradley Gillespie went for two coming from 2nd in Predator 375 to win then from the pole to the win in Predator 325. Clone 325 had the largest field of the night with 8 karts and it was a magnificent night for the 37 of Cameron Aroneck who not only won his heat race for the class but stole the show in the main with the win. Aroneck and Johnny Padgett both celebrated their Winter Series Championships with wins as Padgett claimed Clone 350. Foothills will be off this coming Friday as the Big 3 Series is at Patriot in Blacksburg to make up a rained out event from earlier in the year. Be sure to support this great track and series on June 29. Foothills will return on July 5. 

A massive shoutout to all the drivers that participated in the Winter Series and congratulations to the champions.

Winter 2018-2019 Series Champions

Junior 1-Brayson Riddle

Junior 2-Brayson Riddle

Junior 3-Riley Robinette

Predator 325-Dustin “Lightening” Roddy

Predator 350-Dustin “Lightening” Roddy

Predator 375-Ricky Bridgeman

Flathead 350-Richard Dodgens

Clone 325-Cameron Aroneck

Clone 350-Johnny Padgett

Clone 375-Terry Melton

Clone 425-Eron Bryant (Ernie Bob “Mohawk Man”)

Champ 425-Shaun Gibbs

Junior Champ-Sammy Mathis


Main Event Winners

Junior Predator A Main- 63 Eli Bolding

Junior Predator B Main- 00 Colton Whitmire

Clone 450- 60 Jackson Gable

Predator 425- 9 Billy Davis

Pee Wee- K4 Luke Knight

Clone 375- 17 Jason Pilgrim

Junior 3- 48 Kayden Presnell

Predator 375- 27 Bradley Gillespie

Junior Sportsman Champ- 72 Brice Moore

Junior 2- 48 Kayden Presnell

Clone 350- 45 Johnny Padgett

Out of Box- 23 Allen Bishop

Champ- 12 Jacob Moore

Junior 1- 96 Brayson Riddle

Clone 325- 37 Cameron Aroneck

Predator 325- 27 Bradley Gillespie

Clone 425- 14 Duran Swofford

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