7 1 19 DTH 4th of July Daytona Edition

July 1, 2019-Inman, SC

Big thanks to Dylan Chappell, driver of the #17 Thunder Bomber at Laurens, for joining us tonight at Big Daddy’s Restaurant of Inman. Dylan was both a guest and a member of our panel discussions tonight. Our winnerviews and a couple of runner up finishers include Austin Northcutt, Ben Kay, John Gallman, Chris Whitfield, Scott Parket, Dan Lawson, Brad Rachels, TJ Teal, Frank Coates, Jonathan Davenport, Josh Burgess, Phoenix Lawter, Blaze Coggins, Chris Jones, Josh Ayers, Ray Hudson, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jordan Brandle, Brian Lindsay, Michael Crouch and Austin Rodonis. Thanks to Will Richard, Just Jeff , Gray Sutherland, Bumper Jack Craig, and Will Volk for their work in victory lane. We discuss races from last weekend from local, regional and national events.

Droppin’ the Hammer is presented by Sutherland Hill Farms Photography and Big Daddy’s Drive In of Inman.

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