Race Report: Fireworks on the Fifth

July 5, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

Foothills lights up the sky and the track for Fireworks Frenzy Night

The summer heat lingered long after the sun had set and provided the stage for the “one hot night.” Right in the middle of the Independence Day heat wave, drivers and fans braved the heat for summer racing at Foothills. Many fields were at or close to double digits as the count at the beginning of heats was 108. A couple late entries would boost that to an unofficial count of 110. One highlight from the heat races was Hunter Weaver after drawing the last qualifying spot in Out of Box, powered to the front for the heat win.  It wouldn’t take long for things to get going in a hurry as Billy Davis and Mick Torres got together on the last lap and so the caution flag ended the race with the 9 out in front. Once a few mains got through the program fell into a good rhythm. Bradley Gillespie once again showed strong speed at the track by dominating Predator 350 in the usual #27 fashion. For Wes Suddeth, a last minute deal to drive got put together and he ended up parking it with wins in both Clone 350 and 325 for the 83. Suddeth would not be the only driver to pull double wins. Cameron Lambert took home the guaranteed money for Junior 2 and would return for the Junior 1 win as well. He started from the pole in both of those mains. Kyle Heitz had an interesting combination with Clone 375 and Flathead 350. He had to battle hard for the Flathead win taking it over polesitter Magan Kunkle, Travis Kunkle, Richard Wheeler, and Mike Hughes who jumped into a Flathead after dominating Clone at Outback on Wednesday. Heitz cam from 4th in 375 and would prevent the sweep of Clone for Suddeth. Out of Box had their largest field of the summer to date and after powering to the heat win, Weaver left the field behind for the main win sweeping the night for the class. The night came to a close with weather all around the racetrack but no direct threat came until well after all races were done. Foothills will be in action next Friday, July 12. Details will be released early in the week as the track will use up this first rain date. Also coming up this month will be the Big 3 Series Race at Foothills scheduled for Saturday, July 20. 

Main Events

Predator 425

  1. Billy Davis
  2. Mick Torres

Junior Predator-Landen Young

Clone 425

  1. Josh Haskins
  2. Duran Swafford
  3. Michael Adamic
  4. Eron Bryant
  5. Corey Stewart
  6. Shaun Pittman
  7. Richard Morton

Predator 375

  1. Cameron Smith
  2. Bradley Gillespie
  3. Ricky Bridgeman
  4. Noah Keith
  5. Richard Dodgens
  6. Dustin Roddy
  7. Brandon Knox

Junior 3

  1. Riley Robinette
  2. Bryce Moore
  3. Jess Burrell
  4. Cody Robinette
  5. Corey Fassett
  6. Landan Breedlove
  7. Brianna Swain
  8. Halston Stroud

Clone 375

  1. Kyle Heitz
  2. Daniel Simmons
  3. Jason Scruggs
  4. Michael Adamic
  5. Wes Suddeth
  6. Jason Pilgrim
  7. Cameron Smith
  8. Luke Clements
  9. Chris Henry


  1. Avery Burgess
  2. Matt Stewart
  3. Jacob Moore

Clone 410

  1. Shaun Pittman
  2. Josh Haskins
  3. Duran Swafford
  4. Richard Morton

Junior Sportsman

  1. Ethan Black
  2. Bryce Moore

Predator 350

  1. Bradley Gillespie
  2. Cameron Smith
  3. Ricky Bridgeman
  4. Jess Shipman
  5. Noah Keith
  6. Billy Dodgens
  7. Dustin Roddy
  8. Brandon Knox
  9. Lee Tinsley

Flathead 350

  1. Kyle Heitz
  2. Jason Smith
  3. Mike Hughes
  4. Magan Kunkle
  5. Travis Kunkle
  6. Richard Wheeler
  7. Cory Phillips
  8. Aaron Rex
  9. David Phillips
  10. Steven Neal

Junior 2

  1. Cameron Lambert
  2. Brayson Riddle
  3. Kayden Presnell
  4. Hunter Mathis

Clone 350

  1. Wes Suddeth
  2. Kyle Heitz
  3. Jason Scruggs
  4. Daniel Simmons
  5. Luke Clements
  6. Johnny Padgett
  7. Jason Pilgrim
  8. Cameron Smith
  9. Chris Henry
  10. Halle Ramey

Out of Box

  1. Hunter Weaver
  2. Shane Walker
  3. Allen Bishop
  4. AJ Ward
  5. Tyler Whitaker
  6. David Palmer
  7. Nathan Bishop

Predator 325

  1. Brandon Knox
  2. Dustin Roddy
  3. Bradley Gillespie
  4. Jess Shipman

Junior 1

  1. Cameron Lambert
  2. Brayson Riddle
  3. Kayden Presnell
  4. Ethan Black
  5. Landan Breedlove
  6. Hunter Mathis
  7. Whitt Hickey

Clone 325

  1. Wes Suddeth
  2. Jason Scruggs
  3. Daniel Simmons
  4. Kyle Heitz
  5. Cameron Aroneck
  6. Halle Ramey
  7. McKinney Pilgrim
  8. Luke Clements

Clone 450

  1. Duran Swafford
  2. Eron Bryant


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