Race Report: Foothills finishes out July

Bryant, Riddle pull off doubles; Kunkles finish 1-2 in Flathead on Friday Night

July 26, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

The heat and rain relented Friday as Foothills Raceway made up one of its Summer Points races under the stars. Entry count at the end of practice came in at 73 entries for the night. There was an interesting twist placed on some of the Predator heats with 325, 375, and 425 paying a half of the main purse to win those. The winners for those were:

  • Predator 325: 4B Ricky Bridgeman
  • Predator 375: 42 Noah Keith
  • Predator 425: 9 Billy Davis

Track position couldn’t have been more crucial this night as the winners of all but one of the main events started first or second. Cameron Smith broke the trend as he claimed Clone 350 riding the 81. He came from the third starting position. Multiple class wins were also at a premium as only two drivers put in doubles. The Mohawk was flying in the wind with Ernie Bob (Eron Bryant) winning Clone 425 and 450 at opposite ends of the program spectrum. Brayson Riddle continued on from his Big 3 success in Carnesville by winning Junior 1 and 2 in the 96. Hunter Weaver also returned to Foothills victory winning Out of Box in dominant fashion. There was also a special moment in Flathead as Magan Kunkle won with Travis Kunkle right behind in second. Look below for a complete list of winners from Friday night. Foothills will be in action next Friday, August 2nd, for more Summer Points racing. 


Predator 425: 69 Mick Torres

Clone 450: 29 Eron Bryant

Junior 3: 22 Riley Robinette

Flathead 350: 50 Magan Kunkle

Predator 375: 42 Noah Keith

Out of Box: 1 Hunter Weaver

Clone 375: 24 Chase Rathbone

Junior 2: 96 Brayson Riddle

Predator 350: 27 Bradley Gillespie

Junior Predator: 18 Jordan White

Clone 350: 81 Cameron Smith

Champ: 4 Avery Burgess

Clone 425; 29 Eron Bryant

Junior 1: 96 Brayson Riddle

Predator 325: 4 Dustin Roddy

Clone 325: 83 Wes Suddeth

Clone 410: 14 Duran Swafford



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