Race Report: Gold in the Hills – Padgett and Rathbone hit Paydirt

Johnny Padgett and Blake Rathbone claim Twin 20s as Bowie and Kunkle continue hot streaks.

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By Gray Sutherland-Dacusville, SC-August 23, 2019

If you thought your thermometer was broken this past Friday, you may not be alone. As an actual cold front moved across the Upstate of South Carolina, temperatures dropped 15-20 degrees as cloud lingered across the skies. This was quite welcome at Foothills Raceway as no rain came to the track and it set up for a thrilling night with Twin 20 lap event for Clone and Predator Medium. Seventy Six entries was the count signed in for the night with extra money on the line for the Twin 20 races if drivers could win the heat and main event as well as both the Clone and Predator races. Out of the Box and Junior Predator featured good fields as well with CJ Smith and Trystan Ellis making the drive up to join and try their luck at the Superbowl of the Upstate. 


Some quick highlights from the heat races went to Johnny Padgett and Blake Rathbone. Both these drivers won the first Twin 20 with Padgett taking Clone 350 and Rathbone taking Predator 350. Rathbone also drove the 10 to victory in the Predator 375. Duran Swafford was also credited with two heat wins in Clone 410 and Clone 450. Ethan Black in the 17 had a solid start to the night by winning two heats in Junior 1 and 2. 


Main events began shortly after 10 pm with division points leader Magan Kunkle kicking things off with another win in the 50. This was a key win as she held a slim 96 point lead over Richard Wheeler coming into the night. Another familiar name popped up adding two more wins to his total for the year with Tyler Bowie gaining the edge in Junior 2 and 3. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s five wins in six days as Bowie took home three wins from the Big 3 at SugarTit. Out of the Box featured a great main event as well with the 09 of Jared Fox coming from sixth on the starting grid to win. Once again though if you were fast in the heat, that translated over again to the main with heat winners being dominate again. The 10 of Blake Rathbone followed up the heat win in Predator 375 by sweeping the main as well. As for the Twin 20s that headlined the night, well it was the same song second verse as Johnny Padgett and Blake Rathbone both took their starting pole positions in the mains and turned them into wins. That put another bonus in their pockets. Duran Swafford followed through with two wins on the night.

Foothills will be in action next Friday, August 30th for more Summer Points Racing. This will be an exciting weekend as it is Labor Day Weekend which also means the Southern 500 at Darlington and Dacusville Farms Days. 


Flathead- 50 Magan Kunkle

Predator 425- 69 Mick Torres

Clone 425- 29 “Ernie Bob” Eron Bryant

Junior Sportsman Champ- 17 Hunter Black

Champ- 149 Billy Holcombe

Junior 3- 71 Tyler Bowie

Predator 375- 10 Blake Rathbone

Clone 450- 14 Duran Swafford

Clone 375- 17 Jason Pilgrim

Out of the Box- 09 Jared Fox

Junior 2- 71 Tyler Bowie

Predator 350- 10 Blake Rathbone

Junior Predator- 45 CJ Smith

Clone 350- 45 Johnny Padgett

Junior 1- 17 Ethan Black

Predator 325- 42 Dustin “Lightnin” Roddy

Clone 410- 14 Duran Swafford

Clone 325- 37 Cameron Aroneck

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