Race Report: To New Heitz

Kyle Heitz and Stephen Derita pull doubles on prize filled night to kick off Labor Day Weekend


August 30, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

In what could have been a tune up run leading into the upcoming Big 3 Event, Kyle Heitz will be tough to beat at Foothills. Fall finally appeared to be kicking in with some moderately cooler temperatures moving in and the sun pulling down below the trees around 7:30. Eighty Two entries filled in to the pits at Foothills as there was extra money and tires were on the line. That didn’t cool off Heitz or Stephen Derita who both pulled off doubles on Friday night. Heitz won Clone 375 and 350 quite handily but came up one spot short from a hat trick in Clone 325 as Wes Suddeth started on pole and never looked back, getting away from Heitz who would finish second. Heitz’s final numbers for the night would run: 1st, 1st, and 2nd for his main events. Derita would win Clone 425 and 410 to round up a night for the #1 kart. Magan Kunkle returned to victory lane as well helping her case for a Flathead points title as Richard Wheeler is still in the hunt. The best action of the night however would come from Junior 3 with seven karts throwing down on track. Cody Robinette would have chain issues early but Riley Robinette hooked up on the outside and went from 4th to 1st in two laps to secure the win. Riley started fifth in the main and was the furthest mark back anyone would win from that night. More good news came for Halston Stroud and Jess Burrell as they locked themselves into the dash races on September 20. For a complete list of winners from August 30 check below. Foothills will be back in action September 6 with more Summer Points Racing. This will also be the final opportunity for drivers to lock in for the Foothills Dash.  Gates open at 6 p.m. and admission at the gate is $10.

Main Event Winners

Junior Sportsman Champ: Brice Moore

Clone 450: “Ernie Bob” Eron Bryant-The Mohawk Man

Predator 425: Billy Davis

Junior 3: Riley Robinette

Junior Predator: CJ Smith

Clone 425: Stephen Derita

Clone 375: Kyle Heitz

Predator: Bradley Gillespie

Champ: Avery Burgess

Junior 2: Brayson Riddle

Flathead 350: Magan Kunkle

Clone 350: Kyle Heitz

Out of the Box: AJ Ward

Predator 350: Ricky Bridgeman (Relief Driver Blake Rathbone)

Junior 1: Kayden Presnell

Clone 325: Wes Suddeth

Predator 325: Bo Leatherwood

Clone 410: Stephen Derita

Complete Results

Junior Sportsman Champ

  1. Brice Moore
  2. Hunter Black

Clone 450

  1. Eron Bryant
  2. Duran Swafford
  3. Jeffrey Durham
  4. Colton Miller

Predator 425

  1. Billy Davis
  2. Mick Torres

Junior 3

  1. Riley Robinette
  2. Halston Stroud
  3. Jess Burrell
  4. Landan Breedlove
  5. Brice Moore
  6. Simon Seay
  7. Cody Robinette

Junior Predator

  1. CJ Smith
  2. Eli Bolding
  3. Miyalla Torres
  4. Landen Young

Clone 425

  1. Stephen Derita
  2. Eron Bryant
  3. Brett Heatherly
  4. Duran Swaffrd
  5. Josh Pilgrim

Clone 375

  1. Kyle Heitz
  2. Cameron Smith
  3. Jason Pilgrim
  4. Dustin Roddy
  5. Chase Rathbone

Predator 375

  1. Bradley Gillespie
  2. Ricky Bridgeman (Relief Driver-Blake Rathbone)
  3. Van Culbertson
  4. Richard Dodgens
  5. Noah Keith


  1. Avery Burgess
  2. Jimmy Burgess

Junior 2

  1. Brayson Riddle
  2. Kayden Presnell
  3. Ethan Black
  4. Brice Moore
  5. Simon Seay

Flathead 350

  1. Magan Kunkle
  2. Richard Wheeler (Relief Driver-Jason Smith)
  3. Travis Kunkle
  4. David Phillips
  5. Aaron Rex
  6. Jeremy Ridley

Clone 350

  1. Kyle Heitz
  2. Cameron Smith
  3. Wes Suddeth
  4. Chase Rathbone
  5. Johnny Padgett
  6. Cameron Aroneck
  7. Dustin Roddy
  8. Thomas Harper
  9. Jason Pilgrim
  10. Bradley Gillespie
  11. Tim Barnes

Out of the Box

  1. AJ Ward
  2. Evan Pressley
  3. Allen Bishop
  4. Shane Walker
  5. David Palmer
  6. Nathan Bishop
  7. Chris Short

Predator 350

  1. Ricky Bridgeman (Relief Driver-Blake Rathbone)
  2. Bradley Gillespie
  3. Van Culbertson
  4. Billy Dodgens
  5. Dustin Roddy
  6. Bo Leatherwood
  7. Justin Southerlin
  8. 95 Lee Tinsley
  9. 95x

Junior 1

  1. Kayden Presnell
  2. Ethan Black
  3. Ellie McAbee

Clone 325

  1. Wes Suddeth
  2. Kyle Heitz
  3. Cameron Aroneck
  4. Dustin Roddy

Predator 325

  1. Bo Leatherwood

Clone 410

  1. Stephen Derita
  2. Brett Heatherly
  3. Duran Swafford
  4. Rocky Black

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