Race Report: Foothills rolls on Friday Night

Ernie Bob, Bradley Gillespie, and Kayden Presnell pull doubles as fields get set for Foothills dashes


September 6, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

Fall decided to check out for the weekend as the weather returned to the 90s for Foothills Friday at the Superbowl of the Upstate. This was the last chance to qualify in for the Foothills dash program coming up on September 20 and drivers were keen to take advantage of the opportunity. Fans and drivers packed out the pits with 108 entries that were officially counted at the start of heat races displayed the support for not only the track, but the programs that have been going on as well. Sparks flew between drivers as several fields hit double digit counts especially in the Predator classes. Predator 350, 375, and Out of the Box hit 11 but none could touch Clone 350 which started 12 in the main event.

Quick Hits

Junior 3 once again had the best feature with the 27 of Landan Breedlove besting all for the win. Breedlove was already qualified for the Dash Races. Another Junior driver that had a star night was the 45 of CJ Smith. Smith pushed his winning streak in Junior Predator to 3 straight at Foothills. Kayden Presnell doubled down in Junior 1 and 2 as he gained the edge over Brayson Riddle this round. The Mohawk was fast and quick as Ernie Bob picked up 2 more wins in Clone 450 and 425. The third double of the night went to a familiar name in victory lane with Bradley Gillespie winning Predator 375 and 350. Gillespie was another name already qualified for the dash race in the Predator 350 category. 

A Look Ahead

The next two weeks will be busy and some of the best kart racing for Foothills. The Big 3 Series will host its Championship Day in Dacusville at Foothills. Gates will open at 8 am with practice slated to start at 10 am. That will be on September 14. 

Foothills will have a special announcement concerning the dash races coming early next week. According to the schedule the dash races will be on September 20 and several prizes will be up for grabs. Unofficially, here is the list of drivers that have all qualified via a top 3 finish in the past 3 weeks and have passed tech inspection on their finishing night.


Out of the Box

  • Jared Fox
  • AJ Ward
  • David Palmer
  • Allen Bishop
  • Shane Walker
  • Brian Derita
  • Tyler Whitaker
  • Nathan Garrard

Predator 350

  • Blake Rathbone
  • Ricky Bridgeman
  • Bradley Gillespie
  • Van Culbertson
  • Lance Tomberlin
  • Fred Nesbitt

Clone 350 

  • Johnny Padgett
  • Chris Henry
  • Cameron Aroneck
  • Kyle Heitz
  • Cameron Smith
  • Wes Suddeth
  • Lee Higdon
  • Dolph Manucy

Junior 3

  • Tyler Bowie
  • Riley Robinette
  • Landan Breedlove
  • Halston Stroud
  • Jess Burrell
  • Logan Romney

Winners-September 6, 2019

Predator 425- #20 Mick Torres

Junior Predator- #45 CJ Smith

Junior 3- #27 Landan “Showstopper” Breedlove

Clone 450- #29 The Mohawk Man Ernie Bob (Eron Bryant)

Clone 375- #10 Brandon Snow

Flathead- #50 Magan Kunkle

Predator 375- #27 Bradley Gillespie

Junior 2- #48 Kayden Presnell

Clone 350- #24 Chase Rathbone

Pee Wee- #54 Bentley Cartee

Out of the Box- #1 Brian Derita

Junior Sportsman Champ- #17 Ethan Black

Clone 425- #29 The Mohawk Man Ernie Bob (Eron Bryant)

Predator 350- #27 Bradley Gillespie

Junior 1- #48 Kayden Presnell

Clone 325- #28L Lee Higdon

Predator 325- #42 Dustin Roddy

Clone 410- #10 Brandon Henson

Champ-#4 Avery Burgess

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