Race Report: Voodoo Nats at Foothills

Breedlove sweeps Junior 3; Haskins pulls double in Clone on the night of the Voodoo

Dacusville, SC-September 20, 2019-By Gray Sutherland


No it wasn’t Halloween or Madri Gras, but the magic was in the air Friday night as 113 entries packed out Foothills Raceway. The track hosted the Voodoo Dirt Nationals complete with Dash Races, prizes for the top finishers in those, and a full compliment of Clone, Predator, Junior, and more classes. Special over-sized prize checks were given out for 11 specific classes to commemorate the occasion. Out of the Box Predator provided some excellent racing with 14 karts taking the green in the main event. 

Quick Hits

The 4 Dash Races kicked off the night with 10 lap, double file starts for Clone 350, Out of the Box, Predator 350 and Junior 3. Dolph Manucy dominated the Clone 350 from the pole as well as Tyler Whitaker who left the field behind in Out of the Box. Fireworks in Junior 3 led to a late restart but it was no problem for Landan Breedlove who started his night with a Dash win. Van Culbertson came from the deepest spot in any of the dash fields, 4th, to win Predator 350. The winner and 2nd place were to receive tires from Maxxis to be mailed to them and 3rd and 4th received a $50 gift certificate from UltraMax. Competition was tough as through all of the mains, Josh Haskins pulled the double between Clone 425 and Clone 410. Clone 325 had a fantastic main event as Cameron Aroneck started on pole but had to hold off a hard charging Mike Hughes for the win and fancy Voodoo check. From the group of Dash winners though, one driver went on to win the main for all the Junior 3 drivers and that was Breedlove who was the only Dash winner to sweep the night for their class. Flathead also featured a duel between Jason Smith and Magan Kunkle. Kunkle held the lead for most of the race but her kart appeared to stumble and slowed just long enough that Smith was able to dive past and maintain the lead for the win. The win swapping also continued between Brayson Riddle and Kayden Presnell. Both drivers received Voodoo checked for Presnell in Junior 2 and Riddle in Junior 1. 

A Look Ahead

Foothills will be racing this Friday night, September 27, with more prizes on the line. Also teased is a special race that will be in October that is only known as Halloween Hysteria at the moment. Gates will open around 6 p.m. with practice to begin at 7:30 p.m. 



Dash Races

Clone 350- #99 Dolph Manucy

Out of the Box- #777 Tyler Whitaker

Predator 350- #1 Van Culbertson

Junior 3- #27 Landan Breedlove

Main Events

Predator 425- #9 Billy Davis

Junior 3- #27 Landan Breedlove

Clone 450- #0 Joey Toney

Pee Wee- #54 Bentley Cartee

Clone 375- #41 Tyler Weaver

Junior 2- #48 Kayden Presnell

Junior Predator #63 Eli Bolding

Predator 375- #27 Bradley Gillespie

Flathead 350- #66 Jason Smith

Clone 350- #14 Kenny Buff

Junior 1- #96 Brayson Riddle

Predator 350- #10 Blake Rathbone

Clone 425- #60 Josh Haskins

Out of the Box- #14 Mike Hughes

Champ- #4 Avery Burgess

Clone 325- #37 Cameron Aroneck

Predator 325- #4 Dustin Roddy

Clone 410- #60 Josh Haskins

Junior 1 Winner Brayson Riddle 
Junior 2 Winner Kayden Presnell
Junior 3 Winner Landan Breedlove


Cam clone 325
Clone 325 Winner Cameron Aroneck

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