Race Report: Lightning strikes Thrice

Turns out, a little bit of Rita is what you need; Kayden Presnell, Ernie Bob, and Mike Hughes all throw in doubles on Friday


September 27, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

No thunder was needed and if you stuck around after everything had finished up, the sky put on quite the light show with a late night thunderstorm bearing down on Foothills Raceway. It was also quite the show on track with several drivers capturing multiple wins on yet another warm Friday night. One special treat that awaited drivers was the chance to be entered for new tire rims. Nine classes were drawn out from the 80 entries that filed in through the gates and the best average finish from this race and on October 4th wins the rims. Clone 350 once again showed out with the largest field at 12.

Quick Hits

The aforementioned thunderstorm still did not compare to the show that Dustin “Lightnin” Roddy put on with the Predator class sweep hat trick. Roddy, on #RitatheRocket, won Predator 375 driving in relief for Noah Keith. The crew turned around and then won Predator 350 and 325 to close out the night and secure the sweep. Bo Leatherwood, who runs the pair of #4s and also competes in Predator, attributed this massive undertaking and accomplishment to the fact that #Rita is the new Trick Olympic LTO chassis that Roddy was on. The official stat line for Roddy on the night would be 3 wins and a pole in Predator 375.

Kayden Presnell once again went for a double in Junior 1 and 2 winning this round over Brayson Riddle and Ethan Black. The Mohawk was fast as well with Ernie Bob going for the double in Clone 450 and 425 with new sponsor MVPizza on board. He was also called upon to once again fix the traffic light in Turn 3 as it was once again the target of a vicious crash at the start of Clone 350. Second and third place got hooked together going into the corner and smashed into the light. Both driver would be ok and the light remained functional for the rest of the night. Mike Hughes Motorsports was also in the house and Hughes was able to secure the win in the crash filled Clone 375 main and Clone 325. Clone 350 however went to Cameron Aroneck who started on pole for the main and furiously held off Chase Rathbone by half a kart length at the end. Hughes did come from deep in the field, 7th, to finish 3rd. Hot streaks continued to roll for Landan Breedlove in Junior 3 and Eli Bolding in Junior Predator.

A Look Ahead

The Summer Points Season has two more races left at Foothills and this Friday on October 4 will not disappoint. There is $500 to win in Clone 350 and that is guaranteed. There will also be $200 to win in Clone 375 and Predator 350. Both of those are guaranteed as well. As usual any non predator class that reaches 8 karts will also pay $200 to win. Gates open at 6 p.m. 



Junior Predator- #63 Eli Bolding

Clone 450- #29 The Mohawk Man Ernie Bob (Eron Bryant)

Flathead- #83 Wes Suddeth

Junior 3- #27 Landan Breedlove

Predator 425- #20 Mick Torres

Pee Wee- #45 Colton Whitmire

Clone 425- #29 The Mohawk Man Ernie Bob (Eron Bryant)

Junior 2- #48 Kayden Presnell

Out of the Box- #34 Steven Neal

Predator 375- #4R Dustin Roddy

Clone 410- #14 Duran Swafford

Clone 375- #14 Mike Hughes

Champ- #441 Simmons Bryant

Predator 350- #4R Dustin Roddy

Clone 350- #37 Cameron Aroneck

Junior 1- #48 Kayden Prsenell

Predator 325- #4R Dustin Roddy

Clone 325- #14 Mike Hughes

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