Race Report: The Perfect Storm, Lightening strikes again

Roddy sweeps again for Predator Hat Trick, Bryant and Presnell double as well

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Dacusville, SC-October 4, 2019-By Gray Sutherland

In almost identical fashion to the previous week, the dominant forces at Foothills remain unchanged with Dustin Roddy, Eron Bryant, and Kayden Presnell remaining on top. The last hot day of a stubborn summer did yield slightly cooler weather to race in as the sun gave everyone a break bowing out around 7 p.m. in Dacusville. The highlight of the night was a $500 to win Clone 350 and it did not disappoint. Out of the Box once again provided a fantastic field with 11 karts coming to green in the main. All in all, 81 entries had filed in for the Friday Night action at Foothills Raceway. 

Quick Hits

Unlike last week, the only lightening that was in the area this time was Dustin Roddy once again on the Trick Olympic LTO chassis affectionately known as “Rita the Rocket” and that is exactly what happened. Roddy started on pole for all three main events in Predator 375, 350, and 325. He won all three. With the last two weeks combined Dustin Roddy has won 6 straight Predator main events through the previous three classes mentioned. Out of the Box had a thrilling main event as well with a tooth and nail battle for the lead with, at one point, five karts going at it for the top spot. Nathan Bishop was just able to get around Travis Kunkle late in the race. Then on the last lap as Bishop was pulling away, Jess Shipman took Kunkle and Allen Bishop three wide down the backstretch jumping from 4th to 2nd in the finish order. The big money on the night for Clone 350 initially went to Chevis Bolding who was piloting the #50 but with an ensuing protest and further technical inspection, the win was awarded to Kenny Buff on the #14. At the end of the night was Junior 1 which technically only had the 48 of Kayden Presnell entered but Landan Breedlove ran with him for the main to help size up the performance of both karts. They did just that beginning with a double file start and then staying side by side leaning on one another for as many laps as possible until Presnell put the nose out front and won by half a kart. 


A Look Ahead

This coming weekend Foothills will be off as several local drivers will be heading to The Last Thunder in the Valley in Neeses, South Carolina. Droppin’ the Hammer is trying to secure a pass to attend as well to bring back as much information as possible about the event. It runs October 11-13, 2019. The next race night program at Foothills will be October 18 for the Summer Points Finale Night to wrap up the overall program. Also still on the card is November 1st with a special Halloween program.



Junior 3- #33 Cody Robinette

Predator 425- #07 Dale Timms

Flathead 350- #44 Travis Kunkle

Junior Predator- #18 Jordan White

Clone 375- #316 Rex Reece

Clone 450- #29 “The Mohawk Man” Eron Bryant

Predator 375- #4 Dustin “Lightening” Roddy

Champ- #4 Avery Burgess

Junior 2- #48 Kayden Presnell

Clone 350- #14 Kenny Buff

Predator 350- #4 Dustin “Lightening” Roddy

Clone 425- #29 “The Mohawk Man” Eron Bryant

Out of the Box- #24 Nathan Bishop

Clone 325- #25 Caden Kelly

Predator 325- #4 Dustin “Lightening” Roddy

Clone 410- #14 Duran Swafford

Junior 1- #48 Kayden Presnell

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