Race Report: Winter Points Kick-Off

Alewine and Lambert open Winter slate with doubles on December Saturday

Dacusville, South Carolina-December 7th, 2019-By Gray Sutherland

With clear skies and some of the best weather for a Saturday that anyone could ask for, Foothills Raceway kicked off its 2019 Winter Points Series with 70 entries filing in. A small remembrance ceremony was held after practice for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. 

Quick Hits

Heat races ran smoothly with the story shaping up to show the #27 of Bradley Gillespie being the kart to beat through the main Predator classes. Gillespie swept the Predator 325, 350, and 375 heats. The 33 of Cameron Lambert was quick early as well taking the Junior 2 heat but setting up a great battle in Junior 3 as Cameron Pack won that particular heat. For mains, out of the three heats Gillespie won, he would only win Predator 325. Ricky Bridgeman fired out of the gate strong in 375 and would claim a close one over Gillespie and Richard Dodgens. Dodgens would come back and take 350 over Gillespie and Bridgeman later on in the program. For Out of the Box, Haley Alewine took two out of three with 375 and 350 going to her for the double. The other double win day belonged to Cameron Lambert who battled literally to the finish line in Junior 3 with heat winner Cameron Pack. The #33 of Lambert was declared the winner by mere inches. A special test session took place as well as Blayne Nix brought out the winged kart and put on a good show for the fans. One rather interesting note was it was a good day to be sporting the number 7 or 33. Between those two numbers, karts won six of the main events on the running order. 

A Look Ahead

Foothills will host their second Winter Points Series Race on Saturday, December 14th. Gates will open at 10 am with drivers meeting to following at 11:45. Karts will be on track by noon for practice.



OTB 375-Haley Alewine

Predator 425-Billy Davis

Clone 450-Jackson Gable

Flathead-Ansley Mason

Junior 3-Cameron Lambert

Clone 375-Jamie Griffin

Wings-Blayne Nix

Junior Predator-Maddie Murphy

Predator 375-Ricky Bridgeman

Junior 2-Cameron Lambert

OTB 350-Haley Alewine

Clone 350-Chevis Bolding

Pee Wee-Jaylen Ashley

Predator 350-Billy Dodgens

OTB 325-David Phillips

Junior 1-Peyton Griffin

Clone 325-Wes Suddeth

Predator 325-Bradley Gillespie

Clone 425-Duran Swafford

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