Daytona Kart Week Weathers Storm

Wes Suddeth, Cole Johnson, James Klaiber, and Shay Chavous end up with multiple wins after 2 day weather delay

December 28-30, 2019-Daytona Beach, Florida

After the intermittent rain showers largely subsided, a lucky break in the clouds on Monday morning allowed for on track activity at Daytona Kart Week to begin and keep rolling. The show was initially scheduled to be ran on Saturday December 28 and Sunday December 29, but consistent bands of rain on both days forced postponement of all racing apart from practice to Monday.

A modified schedule was put into effect and throughout the day on Monday, several drivers would lay claim to multiple wins. The most successful drive would go to Wes Suddeth behind the wheel of the #069. Suddeth had a rough go through the Day 1 Slate but would turn things around quickly going into the Day 2 Slate. Of the 12 features that were on the Day 2 card, Suddeth won 4 of the them sweeping through Pro Stock Heavy and Medium. He would switch over to champ and win Senior Champ Clone after another brief shower. The fourth win for Suddeth would come in the second All Pro feature although he was prevented from claiming the knockout win as he was eliminated early on in the All Pro Knockout. That win would go to Shay Chavous who had been quick all day and had a win from Day 1 with Pro Stock Medium. Cole Johnson had the best Day 1 by winning Pro Stock Heavy and the first All Pro feature. The Unlimited All Stars was dominated by the #13 of James Klaiber as he drove away from the field in the first feature but was caught up in lap traffic late. He still held on for the win and had a smoother ride in the second unlimited feature with no lap traffic trouble.

Winners-Day 1 Features

Junior 1 Pro-#101 Nicholas Byrd

Pro Stock Heavy-#33X Cole Johnson

Rookie Red Plate-#11 Wesley Roberson

Unlimited All Stars-#13 James Klaiber

Pro Stock Medium-#86 Shay Chavous

Junior 3 Pro-#6 Chase Williamson

Semi Pro Heavy-#148 Joseph Diekemper

Junior 2 Pro-#60 Shawn Engilsh

Senior Champ Clone-#94 Cody Carlton

Super Heavy Pro-#12 Brad Scruggs

All Pro-#33X Cole Johnson

Winners-Day 2 Features

Junior 1 Pro-#8 Trey Ford

Pro Stock Heavy-#069 Wes Suddeth

Rookie Red Plate-#40 Kyler Bronson

Unlimited All Stars-#13 James Klaiber

Pro Stock Medium-#069 Wes Suddeth

Junior 3 Pro-#88 TJ Decaire

Semi Pro Heavy-#34 Michele Gray

Senior Champ Clone-#069 Wes Suddeth

Junior 2 Pro-#29 Wyatt Wilkerson

Super Heavy Pro-#192 Scott Heath

All Pro-#069 Wes Suddeth

All Pro Knockout-#86 Shay Chavous

Day 1 Features

Day 2 Features

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