2020 Holiday Classic at PK Hub

Christmas in the Kingdom 2020 Holiday Classic runs on despite early rain By Gray Sutherland The 2020 Holiday Classic at Possum Kingdom made its appearance to kick off the month of December just outside of Belton, SC. Drivers, crews, and fans braved plummeting temperatures and intermittent wind gusts for a Saturday-Sunday show as Friday had to be called because of heavy rain. Clint Mills and company quickly whipped the track back into shape and after some TLC, she was ready. Phil Combs was on the call and you'll be able to hear him throughout some of the videos as well as see the podium finishers from the classes that ran. Gallery: 2020 Holiday Classic at PK https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXHbm8fmUGr4OsGn8BQQvCnz_Nx4_UXZf   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yANS6GMmTDA&list=PLXHbm8fmUGr4OsGn8BQQvCnz_Nx4_UXZf&index=6   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OteC82fOanc&list=PLXHbm8fmUGr4OsGn8BQQvCnz_Nx4_UXZf&index=10   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVUTnQ4EsY4&list=PLXHbm8fmUGr4OsGn8BQQvCnz_Nx4_UXZf&index=18   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caO5ZjLk96Y&list=PLXHbm8fmUGr4OsGn8BQQvCnz_Nx4_UXZf&index=32 Podiums Amateur 375 12 Kris Williams 49 Cameron Pack 19K

Big 3 Series October 30, 2020 at Possum Kingdom

Charles West Memorial-Part of the Big 3 Series at Possum Kingdom-October 31, 2020 By Gray Sutherland Results Sumo 450 1. Josh Carter 2. Duran Swafford 3. Dalton Heath 4. Joey Toney Amateur 350 1. Jacob Abernathy 2. Luke Clements 3. Mason Mayo 4. Blake Lester 5. Matt Fowler 6. Ryan Adams 7. Kyle Brown 8. Steven Cummings 9. Isaac Sisk 10. Cameron Pack PeeWee B 1. Jaylen Ashley 2. Payton Shelton 3. Carson Wise 4. Jayce Eskew 5. Jett Harrison OTB Predator 425 1. Ben Harrison 2. Haley Alewine 3. Roger Stepp 4. Opie Lewis 5. Crosby Long DQ Clone 350 1. Wes Sudduth 2. Cole Johnson 3. Joseph Mintz 4. Tommy Jernigan 5. Daniel Simmons 6. Colby Horner 7. Jason Scruggs 8. Jamie Knopf 9. Kyle Heitz 10. Colin Mize Junior 1 1. Bradley Carter 2. Cameron Lambert 3. Cruz Mattison 4. Clay Bellamy 5. Ethan Black 6. Brayson Riddle 7. Holden Melton 8. Taylon Gaylord 9. Karli Bennett Super Heavy 410 1. Jerry Mullis 2. Ryan Heavner 3. Brad Scruggs 4. Shaun Pittman 5. Clint

Race Report/Preview Cross Anchor GRWKS

February 20, 2020-By Gray Sutherland Riddle, McDonald, and Cochcroft all claim doubles as series reaches halfway point at the Anchor It was another frigid Sunday in Cross Anchor but as proven, cold doesn't stop kart racers. With the most recent race entry reaching 191, the colder it is the more people want to race. BJ Cochcroft had one of the fastest karts back on February 9th getting wins in SPG 350 and Out of the Box 350. His win in SPG 350 helped close the points gap between himself and Dustin Roddy who currently leads to just 5 points. Brayson Riddle found victory lane once again twice in fact with the Junior classes with Junior 1 and 2. Finishing second in both as well

Race Report: Break out the Brooms

Dacusville, SC - February 15, 2020 - By Gray Sutherland Aroneck & Company sweep through Clone Classes as Bridgeman and Phillips take two each There was nothing ironic about last Saturday at Foothills as it was business as usual for Cameron Aroneck and his team as they fielded three karts to go race at the Superbowl of the Upstate. With the Winter Series now into its second half, points battles are becoming clearer as to who has the edge. Close to 50 entries and 30 drivers made their way out on a wonderful Saturday afternoon post Valentines Day. At intermission for the day of love, a rose raffle was held with Lee Polatty, Angela Griffith, and Dominique Rapien winning. Quick Hits As previously mentioned

Race Report: A Fast Frigid Night

Cisneros, Lambert claim Hat Trick as temps/lap times plummet January 17, 2020-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland A rare feat was accomplished on Friday Night at Foothills Raceway as not one but two drivers recorded hat trick wins in Clone and Predator.The New Years Resolution Resolution, which had already been postponed once due to rain, was slated to run on a Friday night before the inclement weather would arrive. Drivers and crews anxious to get any racing in on the weekend, rolled in to Foothills with $500 on the line in Clone 375. One entry count topped out at 122 with a few late entries into other classes here and there. Three Clone classes had the largest fields of the night with Clone 375