Race Report: Dove flies high at Foothills

Andrew Dove runs rampant in Clone; Weaver grabs big win at packed Foothills

March 2, 2019-Dacusville, SC-By Gray Sutherland

Saturday skies revealed a picturesque scene with no threat of rain and only a light breeze as the pits packed out at Foothills. Haulers and trailers ringed all the way from Turn 2, along the frontstrech, and finally ending in Turn 3. The numbers came up to 125 entries at heat race time across 21 heats and later for 18 main events. It looked like it would be difficult to truly dominate a particular class but some names would rise to the top as the stay went on.


Three classes were split into two heats because of the entry count in them. Clone 325, 350, and 375 would run two heats. The 41 of Tyler Davis would kick things off with an exciting last lap pass for the heat win on the 181 Kenneth Byrd and would survive the room of doom as his air filter fell off on the cool down lap. This was deemed not a DQ for Clone. Dustin Roddy would continue his strong ways in Predator 325 by claiming that heat. Blayne Nix took a caution free Pee Wee heat followed by the 96 of Brayson Riddle in Jr 1. Andrew Dove would survive a three kart fight for the Clone 325 Heat 1 win over Chase Watkins and David Parker. Cameron Smith would take the 35 to the Heat 2 win over Cameron Aroneck in the 37. Out of the Box heat would be won by Mart Gray in the 509. Lightening would strike twice for Dustin Roddy in the Predator 350 heat as he grabbed the lead at halfway. A pair of opening lap cautions would not stop Shaun Gibbs taking the Champ heat and Cameron Lambert would set up for the Jr 2 main by winning that heat. Junior Predator would once again go to the 22 of Miyalla Torres. Two big winners from two weeks ago, Wes Suddeth and Cam Smith would split Clone 350 with Andrew Dove right behind Smith in a breakaway for Heat 2. Coby Lambert would get Predator 375. The next Junior classes would be Junior Sportsman Champ and Jr Champ. Ethan Black in the 17 and Sammy Mathis would be your winners for that. Cameron Smith would get Flathead. To round out heats would be Predator 425, Clone 375, and Jr 3. Richard Morton would complete the Predator heat program by winning 425. Mike Hughes and Andrew Dove would split Clone 375. Riley Robinette completed the heat race portion with a Junior 3 win.


As the sun began to drop off to the west, main events began in earnest. The 187 of Landon Sartain would quickly rise to the front and would take home the Junior 2 and 3 mains. The sweep would be stopped by Cameron Lambert in the 33 as that would be Junior 1. Dustin Roddy, of course, would not be denied in Predator 350 and 325 as he continue the consistent performance in those mains. This would be one upped by the man of the hour as Andrew Dove in the 54, who already had two heat wins by this point, would in fact sweep Clone 375, 350, and 325 with Cam Smith right behind him in 350 and 325. The final stat line for Dove would round out to two heat race wins and three main events. Clone 375 and 350 would also both feature 16 karts to start the main. An entertaining moment would take place after the mains as Miyalla Torres, who won Junior Predator over Ellie McAbee, would get a celebratory mud bath roll to celebrate her win. However the most emotional win of the day would belong to Hunter Weaver in the Out of Box class. As he took the checkered, he pointed to Heaven above as this win would be for the memory of his late father. Robbie Weaver was a dedicated man who loved the sport of kart racing and his passing was certainly felt across the racing family. This one was for Robbie. 

Next Time

Foothills will return to racing next weekend on March 9, 2019 for the finale of the Winter Points Series. The usual Saturday slate should apply with gates opening at 10 am, drivers meeting at 11:30 am, and practice beginning by 12 pm. Stay tuned to the Foothills Raceway Facebook for any changes in the coming week at the Superbowl of the Upstate. 

Complete list of Winners:

  • Junior 3-Landon Sartain
  • Clone 375-Andrew Dove
  • Predator 425-Cole Smith
  • Flathead-Andy Mattison
  • Junior Champ-Sammy Mathis
  • Junior Sportsman Champ-Ethan Black
  • Predator 375-Coby Lambert
  • Clone 350-Andrew Dove
  • Junior Predator-Miyalla Torres 
  • Junior 2-Landon Sartain
  • Champ-Shaun Gibbs
  • Predator 350-Dustin Roddy
  • Out of Box-Hunter Weaver
  • Clone 325-Andrew Dove
  • Junior 1-Cameron Lambert
  • Pee Wee-Blayne Nix
  • Predator 325-Dustin Roddy
  • Clone 425-Tyler Davis

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